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Interior Barn Doors
Custom made on Cape Cod & serving all of New England
Available in single, double, or bypass systems with delivery and installation available if needed.
No major construction.
Easy install & quick turn around.
We work with you or your designer to choose materials, finishes, styles etc, or just take them unfinished.
Call or message with a pic of your opening and your outside dimensions for a quick quote

 3 Panel Barn Door      Z bypass Barn Doors

  Mirror Barn Door      Horizontal Shiplap Barn Doors      Weathered Cedar Barn Door

doubleZ barn door    Chalkboard barn door

Shiplap Barn Door    White Z BArn Door

Chervon Barn Door   6 panel frosted glass barn door

Aged Arrow Barn Door      3 panel barn door

9 panel barn door    Grey Washed Arrow Barn Door

3 panel bypass barn doors    Arrow barn door

Shiplap Barn Door     3 panel bypass barn doors

3 panel glass barn door         arrow bypass barn doors